What Affects The Quality Of Sports Socks?

About,sports socks, how much you know it ?

1 Terry height sports socks

Sports socks, the higher the terry must be thicker. General terry’s height is 3 to 4 mm, a few in order to control costs to do 2 to 3 mm. Badminton or high requirements for the thickness of sports socks will generally require to do 5 mm, this is generally known as high terry in the factory, labor waste, so the quality of sports socks to use. If you need higher terry, you need to modify the sock machine and use a special needle, which is also more time-consuming and laborious, so except for a few big brands with very high requirements and high prices, such as the NBA’s elite basketball sock series may use a higher terry

Sports socks

2 Number of yarns

The yarn of socks is just like twisting twine, whether two yarns are twisted into one or three yarns are twisted into one is definitely different. This consumer is not noticeable. But the objective physical feel is still there, three yarn knitting terry socks than two yarn knitting is certainly more solid and thick. The most intuitive understanding, but also know that there is a one-third difference in raw materials. But consumers can’t tell the difference between three yarns and two yarns if they don’t compare.

sports socks

3 Yarn count

The yarn count of a typical sports sock is 32s, and the larger the number, the finer the yarn, such as the 40s, and the smaller the number, the thicker the yarn, such as 24s.

However, it is worth noting that the smaller the count and the thicker the yarn, the better. Why?

Because thicker yarns are generally lower grade cotton yarns, and to pull out high count yarns (finer yarns) you need your raw material to be good enough and fine enough. That’s why high-count yarns are highly respected in the home textile industry. Because it the skin-friendly, better comfortable, and more delicate.

4 Knitting density

This parameter is set on the sock machine, generally, the greater the density value, the tighter the socks, but this parameter is impossible to feel, only to feel the texture and comparison to have a concept, it is impossible to buy on the Internet to see the picture of cognition.