How To Choose Gloves For Winter ?

As we know, the cold winter hurts our hands a lot, we have to wear warm gloves to protect our hands,

We have to know the material of gloves, and the difference of each material gloves

Polar Fleece Gloves

  • Waterproof fleece gloves are mostly used for outdoors. It is a better outdoor glove fabric with moisture permeability and waterproof functions. The fleece material in the folder should be treated with anti-pilling, and it should also have very good air permeability, softness, and cold and warm functions. In addition, the fabric should have good tear resistance, so as to effectively protect our hands;
  • Polar Fleece is very soft and lightweight. is it good choice for us to do some daily activities, and we make the polar fleece gloves with smart finger,you can play your phone any time
  • Polar Fleece gloves we made it waterproof , when you wear it on snow weather and sleet weather. We no longer worry about wet gloves that not keeping warm for rainy days

Knitted Gloves

  • The style of acrylic gloves is more novel,  and fashionable. While keeping warm, it can also be used as our clothing decoration
  • We make the knit gloves with grip, when kids wear it and play outdoor, it is funny ,safe and warm
  • The addition of spandex makes the gloves more elastic, and you can flexibly do what you want to do while wearing gloves
  • 3M Thinsulates gloves is great idea for people want both warm and nice design
  • Knit Gloves always come with knit hats and knit scarvies to be a set. This combination keeps our body extra warm in cold weather

Leather Gloves

  • Leather is the most commonly used material for winter gloves. The real leather surface is soft, smooth, rich and elastic, and it retains heat well.
  • Leather gloves is better to show the temperament of the wearer, as well as the elegant and noble identity.

The most common gloves is knitted gloves, it is cheaper and warm, It is very suitable for any scene,we make the gloves with touch screen function, people can stay online at any time, which really brings us a lot of convenience.

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